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Tante belle sorprese tra queste nomination a mio avviso! Abg nella categorai web editor e cover of the year! Grande Daiv, deve essere una gran bella soddisfazione dopo tutto il lavoro fatto! Figata anche per Feds che è in lista come videographer of the year! Grandi butei!

Skate-Aid Charity Award:
LSD DIY Park Russia

Web Edition of the Year:
A Brief Glance //
The DC Embassy //
Live Skateboard Media //
Place Online //
Soma Online //

Shop of the Year:
For The City - Barcelona, Spain
Lost Art - Liverpool, UK
Nozbone - Paris, France
Slam City Skates - London, UK
Welcome - Madrid, Spain

Cover of the Year:
Check the entries here
A Brief Glance (Italy) – Issue 10 – December 2011 – Simone Bertozzi by Davide Biondani.
Beach Brother (France) – Issue 59 – March/April 2012 0 – Greyson Fletcher by Affif Bellakdar.
Dank (Norway) – Issue 4 – Spetmber 2012 – Eirik Svensen by Jørn Aagaard.
Giftorm (Sweden) – Issue 51 – May 2012 – Christian Sandell by Jonas Adolfsson.
Grey (UK) – Issue 10  - Sept 2012 – Gavin Morgan by Henry Kingsford.
Kingpin (Europe) – Issue 103 – July 2012 - Sami Miettinen by Percy Dean.
Limited (Germany) – Issue 105 – Nov/December 2011 - Sabrina "Puse" Göggel by Thomas Gentsch.
Monster Skateboard Magazine (Germany) – Issue 312 – July 2012 – Roland Hirsch by Henrik Biemer.
Place (Germany) – Issue 37 – November 2012 – Ben Raybourn by Henrik Biemer.
Sidewalk (UK) – Issue 191 – August 2012 – Tom Penny by Chris Johnson.
Soma (France) – Issue 27 – Feb/March 2012 – Remy Taveira & Oscar Candon by David Turakiewicz.
Sugar (France) – Issue 135 – April 2012 – Axel Cruysberghs by Eric Antoine.
Surge (Portugal) – Issue 16 – Sept/October 2012- Art by Adrian Blanca.
Uno (Spain) – Issue 55 – April 2012 – Marcos Gomez by Gerard Riera.

Photographer of the Year:
Sam Ashley
Henry Kingsford
Davy Van Laere
Marcel Veldman
Nils Svensson

Videographer of the Year:
Pontus Alv – The Polar Skate Co. Promo
Ludovic Azemar - Color your Memories
Henry Edwards-Wood – Slam City’s City of Rat
Eduardo Munoz – DC Europe’s Where EU at?
Federico Vitetta – Girl & Chocolate Skateboards’ Pretty Sweet

Brand of the Year: 
Magenta Skateboards
Palace Skateboards
Perus Crew
Polar Skate Co.
Sweet Skateboards

Video Feature of the Year:
Madars Apse - Future Nature - Element Skateboards
Madars Apse - Where EU at? - DC Shoe Co.
Jesus Fernandez - Pretty Sweet- Girl & Chocolate Skateboards
Josef Scott Jatta - Where EU at? - DC Shoe Co.
Christoph "Willow" Wildgruber- 5 Incher - Almost Skateboards

Rookie of the Year:
Oscar Candon
Remy Taveira
Tom Knox
Thaynan Costa
Fernando Bramsmark          

Kingpin European Skateboarder of the Year:
Youness Amrani
Madars Apse
Eniz Fazliov
Jesus Fernandez
Nassim Guammaz
Josef Scott Jatta
Ben Nordberg
Ben Raemers
Bastien Salabanzi
Christoph “Willow” Wilgruber

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